We are very pleased that we have been employing Goan IT Specialists since 2005 in our office based in Panjim. Our company, Aujla Business Software Pvt Ltd (ABS Pvt Ltd) has grown over the years to become large enough to provide IT Services to the UK customers as well as expand its business activities for the Goan customers. The tie-up between the UK company and ABS Pvt Ltd is proving very successful, and we are now able to offer the same services in Goa as we are already providing in the UK.

Our staff numbers are increasing, but we are delighted to say that 99% of the staff are Goans and our company policy is to recruit from areas within commuting distance of Panjim. We have low staff turnover, some of the staff have been with the company long enough to be married and have children! We wanted to launch our products in Goa under a new brand name, because of our continued involvement in Goa, we have named the brand ‘Gomanta’. This is taken from the Mahabharata, where it mentions Gomanta as being the State of Goa.


We are proud of what we do.

High quality services

We are proud of the high quality services we provide to the business and domestic community.

Bring a unique service

We are proud to bring a unique service to Goa, which incorporates the services that most businesses depend on but have not been available in Goa as one package.

One stop shop

We are one stop shop for all IT Services that you are likely to need.


We would like to present our products to you in person or send you further details, please let us know your contact details by completing a simple form.

Gomanta Products

The Gomanta brand brings a host of services to the market for the business and residential sectors that have not been available or affordable before. The key difference is that we do not treat each customer as individual and separate service consumer, we treat all our customers as if they were part of our corporate organisation.

Combining the resources and ideas of all customers enables us to deliver a service that otherwise could not be enjoyed by Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). We hope you will like what we have brought to the market, the listing below are just simple statements to let you know what we do.

Our aim is to let you get on with running your business while we take care of your IT needs.

If you would like to know how we can help your business grow, provide better security and higher level of services at affordable rates, please complete the Contact Us form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Internet Connections

Goa suffers from poor internet connectivity which, in most cases, is overpriced and of low standard.


Our Telephony products are corporate standard systems which can cater for the business needs of a single person organisation to a large company.

Network Design

For all Gera Grand customers, we have already installed cables in the building to deliver the services you need.

IT Support

Maintaining the system up to date with the latest software patches, maintaining security and anti-virus are just some of the services we can provide.

Email Service

Are you still having to rely on free internet email services, such as Hotmail and Gmail?

Application Hosting

Whatever applications your business runs on your local servers, we can host it in our data centre to provide you the best services.

WiFi Services

WiFi Services can be made available for each business or anywhere in the building. We provide secure WiFi which you can depend on.

Remote Access

Do you work from home? Do you find yourself making copies of files or files you cannot access?

Data Security

Business data is obviously important, and every business wishes to ensure that it is protected.


Some businesses would benefit from use of Microsoft SharePoint Server; historically they have not been able to afford or have in-house skills available to deliver it.

Data Centre

Data centres will ensure that we are able to provide you with direct connection to any service that you wish us to deliver.

File Servers

Most businesses in Goa still use File Server to store their data, we can host your data in data centre & make it available in your office and over the Internet.

Disaster Recovery

Do you have plans to protect your business data? What would happen if your systems are subjected to a ransomware attack or systems failure?

Single Point Of Contact

Our aim is to take the hassle away from you and be your Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) for all your Telephony and Information Technology (IT) needs.

Gomanta ISP services at Gera's Imperium GRAND

Dear Gera’s Imperium GRAND Customer
As an introduction, we are Aujla Business Software Pvt Ltd (ABS), and we provide, Telephone, Internet and IT Support Services under the brand name of Gomanta.

We are contracted by Gera Development Pvt Ltd to provide best in class services to all Gera’s Imperium GRAND customers. To ensure that we are able to provide you an efficient service, and also to prevent unnecessary damage to the GRAND building and the surrounding areas, we have already installed all the necessary cabling from our data centre on the 8th floor, and the control room, to each unit.

Each Unit has a 6 core fibre optic cable (black) and a category 6 (Cat 6) Ethernet cable (Yellow) as shown in the images below;

Black Fibre Optic Cable
Yellow Cat6 Cable

These cables are labelled as Gomanta and they are ready to provide you all the necessary Telephone , Internet and Datacentre services that you require for your business. A full list of services that we provide are available here.

Along with Gera Development Pvt Ltd, we are very excited to bring you this unique service to ensure that you are able to establish your new premises as quickly as possible after obtaining the Occupancy Certificate. We are ready to speak with you to understand your requirements, please click here and register your business with us using a simple contact form. We will arrange a meeting at your convenience to discuss how we can assist you further.

Our premises are located in the following Units on the 8th floor of Gera’s Imperium GRAND;

Dear Gera’s Imperium GRAND Customer
As an introduction, we are Aujla Business Software Pvt Ltd (ABS), and we provide, Telephone, Internet and IT Support Services under the brand name of Gomanta.

Main Reception – 808 Conference Room  – 809
IT Support (NO PUBLIC ACCESS) – 810 IT Support (NO PUBLIC ACCESS) - 811
Gomanta Customer Services – 812 Data Centre (NO PUBLIC ACCESS) – 814
Gomanta Business Manager - +917722096022 Gomanta WhatsApp Number- +917722096021

Looking forward to meeting you in person soon.

Yogesh Shetye
Business Development Manager

Contact Us

We can be contacted on WhatsApp No. (+91)772-209-6021
We would love to tell you about our business enabling and IT security products
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808 Gera's Imperium Grand,
Patto Plaza, Panjim, Goa 403001


(+91) 0832 2970999

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